About Us

KPSF Mission Statement

The Knoxville Public Safety Foundation will strive to provide assistance and support to public safety professionals and their immediate family in the event of catastrophic injury, illness, death or other significant life-altering events.


The KPSF is organized exclusively for the purposes outlined as follows:To receive funds and property, to invest funds, and to disburse and distribute the same as voluntary, gratuitous and charitable gifts and contributions to or for the benefit of police officers and firefighters and their immediate family within the KPSF service area.


Public safety professionals will be defined as full time, sworn members of the four core agencies in which the KPSF will serve. These include the Knoxville Police Department, The Knoxville Fire Department, The Knox County Sheriff’s Department and the University Of Tennessee Police Department. Additionally, the immediate family of the full time, sworn public safety professional will be defined as spouse and dependent children.

Assistance awarded to the public safety professional and/or their immediate family may be in the form of financial support or if applicable, a tangible item (i.e. vehicle, home/home improvement, equipment). Scholarships may be awarded to the dependent children as deemed appropriate.

If the board deems it appropriate and approves the award, benefits may be awarded to non-sworn members of the four (4) core agencies.

Part time employees are not eligible for awards or benefits.

The service area of the KPSF is within the Knox County jurisdiction. The four (4) core agencies are all located within the noted service area.